Medication Error in Nursing Home
Medication Error in Nursing Home

Medication Theft From Nursing Home Residents

There are many reasons that seniors and vulnerable adults do not always receive the correct medication in nursing homes, assisted living, home health care and other settings.  Some are simple but preventable medication errors: such as medication overdoses or medication given in error to the wrong patient, others are more nefarious such as the administration of unnecessary medications to help the “medicate” the residents into being less active and hence less work to supervise.  One of the most common forms of neglect is the theft of necessary pain and other narcotic medications from seniors who truly need them.   The drugs have value on the black market or are taken by the thieves themselves. 

The theft of necessary medications is a common problem throughout the industry and stricter controls need to be taken to protect vulnerable elderly residents who often are unable to advocate for themselves. In addition to suffering from pain that was meant to be controlled with the prescribed medication, the senior may be at increased risk of other injuries such as a serious fall, or the development of pressure sores, or a urinary tract infection due to immobility and other serious health risk due to the medication theft.

Report Medication Theft

If you are aware of possible medication theft protect the resident or patient and contact the Minnesota Department of Health or your local police department who will be able to investigate. If you have a concern about medication errors or other nursing home neglect contact attorney Kenneth LaBore for a free consultation at 612-743-9048 or by email at

Medication  Nursing Home Medication Error, Medication Theft
Nursing Home Medication Error, Medication Theft
Medication Theft in Nursing Homes Needs to be Stopped!