Client Testimonials for Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Kenneth LaBore

Here are a few of Past Client Testimonials

Elder Wrongful Death

I wanted to thank you for all the attentive listening, care and compassion you showed me during the whole process related to the “negligent care” and subsequent death of my mom...”

Daughter of Deceased Victim

Elder Neglect – Fall Injury

Dear Ken … I wanted to thank you for commited efforts to help hold [facility] accountable for the fall that lead to my mother’s ultimate demise. We appreciate all you did…

Daughter of Deceased Victim

Elder Abuse

“Thanks Ken, …. we appreciate you and Suzy throughout this process!” “What matters is our mother is safe and happy ….”

Daughter of elderly client

Elder Neglect – Falls and Fractures – Wrongful Death

Dear Ken

We want to thank you for all your hard work on behalf of my mom… we hope this send a message to change their procedures. We appreciate all you did for us.

Daughter of Deceased Victim

Elder Abuse and Neglect

On behalf of my brother and I, we want to thank you for all your help and concern… about our mom’s neglect.”

Family Member of Client

Elder Abuse Case

“Thank you both for your advocacy on this issue. We really believe you were the best choice to represent mom this matter and appreciate all the time and effort you invested.”

Family Member of Client

Elder Abuse and Neglect and Breach of Contract

“Ken LaBore and attorney Suzy Scheller, represented us in a dispute with a local nursing home. The issues were complex and broke barriers are there were not any similar cases to utilize as legal precedent . Their team came up with innovative legal strategies and had excellent follow up throughout the case which ultimately ended with us receiving a sizable award. We found them to be extremely compassionate throughout the process. We would highly recommend them to those needing legal assistance in nursing home matters.”

Family Member of Client

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Dear Ken: You are a great lawyer who used creative strategies on the issues in our case. Thank you again.”

Family Member of Client

Elder Abuse and Neglect – Wrongful Death

“It was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air to meet with you both. I feel as though we don’t have enough people that truly want to fight for what’s right in the world, especially when come to people who are so vulnerable. So thanks!”

Family Member of Client

Nursing Home Neglect – Wrongful Death

“Compassionate advocate for the elderly”

“Ken worked diligently with understanding and compassion with our grieving family after the wrongful death of our Mother. His heart is in the right place and he always listened to our concerns as he aggressively attacked the nursing home whose negligence took the life of our Mother. Because of his proactive work he forced the nursing home to make changes to protect other elderly residents, and for that we feel our Mother did not die in vain. He is not your typical attorney and we highly recommend him.”

Elder Neglect Client

Nursing Home Neglect – Wrongful Death

“Thank you so much, Ken (and Suzy)…. I appreciate you both so much you have done and continue to do for every single resident in our system who depends on people like you to look out for their safety and well-being. Don’t ever stop! I applaud your good work.”

Elder Neglect Client

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect – Wrongful Death

“You helped us along the way by explaining what to expect and by answering all the many questions we had. I really believe the hard work you did with our Mom’s case including the policy changes could prevent this tragedy from happening to another person in the future. Thank you again and please keep doing the wonderful work you are doing for the elderly and their families. We truly appreciate all you did for our family.”

Elder Neglect Client

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

“Top Attorney”

“Overall rating – Excellent, Trustworthy, Responsive, Knowledgeable, Kept me informed.”

“I recommend Kenneth LaBore”

“Ken is an attorney that fights for his client’s best interest. I had to engage his services twice and both outcomes were favorable. The more time I spent communicating with Ken my respect for him and his other law partner grew. I would recommend anyone that needs help in the area of nursing home neglect to contact Ken for his advice.”

Joshua, a Nursing Home Abuse client

Violations to Resident Rights

“I have talked to many attorneys throughout the years. It’s been my experience that most of them have good intentions, but they don’t have much bite. You are the only attorney I’ve consulted with that had the commanding knowledge and the “bite” that I’m referring to. …”

Advocate for Vulnerable Adult

A Elderly Woman Dropped From a Patient Lift Resulting in Fractures and Untimely Death

“Thank you the both of you for a fantastic job …. investigating the matter discovering what really happened and having positive changes made in the nursing home”


An Elderly Minneapolis Resident Suffered an Amputation Due to a Heel Ulcer

“Thank you so much for help me get out of the nursing home and back home. You cared when no one else would listen. I missed my cat and really enjoyed the summer…”

Resident – Victim Serious Injury

Serious Accident Victim

“Ken changed my perception about lawyer. He is down to the earth and very approachable. You heard so many sales terms about “You are in good hands” from insurance ads or from some TV ads about some law firm. After I met Ken, I then understood the actual meaning about “You are in good hands” . He explained the situation from the victim point of view. I will not hesitate to hire him and to recommend Ken to my friend in the future. He is always there for you by phone or by email through the whole case processing period.”

Accident Victim

Serious and Permanent Disfigurement

“Ken on behalf of our son we would like to send our most sincere gratitude to you and your team for navigating the legal difficulties that are associated with the suit of the magnitude we have had against powerful parties. The process was trying at times, however, with your expertise, professionalism and genuine concern for my son; we have found you to been a shelter amidst the wave of difficulties that are associated with a personal injury. Your integrity and excellent counsel as you managed the multitudes of paperwork on behalf of our family was nothing less than the absolute advocacy for our son. Thank you so very much for assisting our son to receive the best medical care which will be of a great benefit for him the remainder of his days. We will miss your weekly updates but will always be your biggest fans. Please feel free to use any of us as a reference, we would be more than happy to do.”

Mother and Father of Serious Injury Victim

Vulnerable Adult Care Facility Serious Accident – Permanent Cognitive Injuries

“I want to thank you for meeting with me years ago and taking the time to listen. I will never forget that I had called 3-4 other lawyers and you were the only one interested in taking on this very difficult complex case. You were so kind to me and you shared information about your family and I knew you were a good person. I am truly in awe of the work that you and Suzy chose to do I know all to well there areas of practice with much easier paths to alot of money. There have been many difficult days/weeks/months of our son’s recovery and we cannot change what happened but I am so grateful to you and Suzy for caring about my very special child and seeing how special he is as a person, not looking at him as a disabled person or product. Words cannot express all of my gratitude.”

Mother of Accident Victim

Laceration Injury and Physical Assault

“Ken has represented me on several occasions in the past. His knowledge and scope of understanding is excellent , as well as his grasp of compound legal issues is vast. I would highly recommend Kenneth.”

Accident Victim

Contract Dispute Concerning Policies and Procedures

“Mr. LaBore is an excellent attorney. He was prompt in answering our questions and was very knowledgeable. He is a strong advocate for his clients and we were extremely satisfied with the outcome of our case. I would highly recommend him.”

Family of Elder Abuse Client

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