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Nursing Home Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorney

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To provide the highest quality legal services to the elderly and other vulnerable adults who are the victims of abuse or neglect in nursing homes, assisted living or other care facilities. My goal is to reduce the number these avoidable incidents by holding wrongdoers accountable, insisting on changes in the facilites and through litigation and advocacy.

Defend The Rights of The Elderly

Elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Minnesota is often preventable and usually results from an inappropriate response to a change in a resident’s condition. Nursing Home neglect can often be attributed to lack of administrative policies and procedures, poorly trained staff and inadequate staffing numbers. The residents in the nursing homes are vulnerable adults and often not able to advocate for their own needs and are dependent on the staff to provide high quality care and assessments to catch changes in condition and risks as soon as possible and take steps to keep the residents safe. The most common forms of neglect and abuse in nursing homes and elder care facilities include: malnutrition, dehydration, pressure ulcers, falls, medication errors, lack of infection control and other injuries caused from lack of staff or supervision. Neglect can often be avoided with proper training and education.

Nursing Home Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore is dedicated to holding Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities accountable to the contracts they sign with the government, Medicare and Medicaid promising to provide residents with the “highest quality of care practicable.” 42 CFR 483.25. Elder abuse can manifest itself in several forms including physical, sexual and financial abuse. More subtle forms of abuse include; isolation of residents, verbal abuse and failure to provide needed services. Minnesota attorney Kenneth L. LaBore often works with highly skilled attorneys as co-counsel who will together work hard on your behalf without additional expense to hold the negligent caregiver or facility financially accountable, as well as, focusing on ensuring when possible the facility improves policies and procedures to keep residents safe and to help reduce similar events in occurring in the future.

Assisted Living Neglect Lawyer

When someone moves into a building that offers assisted living services they are generally required to sign a rental agreement or lease which covers the occupancy issues of the apartment or living space, similar to any other apartment. Additionally, the resident is required to sign a service agreement which deals with the particular services to be provided from a licensed home care provider. The contracted services can be provided by either outside home care providers or the property owners. An assisted living provider must provide basic services, such as on-call 24 hour nursing access with daily checks on each resident and help with services such as laundry, meals, transportation and at least three activities of daily living. There must be a staff person available 24 hours daily who is awake and able to respond quickly. The facility must have a method for residents to contact them if needed for health or safety needs 24 hours a day. Assisted living providers must also clearly state what services are offered, allowing consumers to compare facilities and choose one with the appropriate level of care.

Minnesota’s Assisted Living Bill of Rights creates specific rights for residents of assisted living facilities, including fair and respectful treatment. It further allows the right to choose services and providers. It gives the right to a current Care Plan, to participate in your care and to change medical or other providers if desired. There are safeguards to basic human rights such as: the right to self-determination, to privacy, to safety, to speak out and specifically prohibits harmful treatment. In most situations neglect in assisted living facilities involve a failure to provide services or a continuation of the living arrangement when a resident required more specialized medical care or supervision.

If you suspect abuse or neglect or injury to any vulnerable adult in an assisted living, nursing home, memory care unit, group home, or other care facility please contact Attorney Kenneth LaBore for a free consultation to learn your rights and options. Kenneth L. LaBore has over twenty-five years of experience handling elder abuse and neglect cases and knows how to hold negligent care providers accountable. Contact Kenneth LaBore today to tell him about your case or the case of someone you love at 612-743-9048 or Toll Free at 1-888-452-6589.

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Minneapolis St. Paul Elder Abuse Attorney Kenneth LaBore Represents Vulnerable Adults
Minneapolis St. Paul Elder Abuse Attorney Kenneth LaBore Represents Vulnerable Adults