Report Abuse and Protect Vulnerable Nursing Home Residents
Report Abuse and Protect Vulnerable Nursing Home Residents

Minnesota Nursing Home Elder Neglect and Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Kenneth LaBore cares about the protection and prevention of your loved ones. If you suspect abuse or neglect to any vulnerable adult, please contact the Minnesota Department of Health/ Department of Human Services, where you can file a confidential report protecting those unable to do so for themselves. Positive change and accountability starts with reporting all suspected neglect and abuse.  It is important to be watchful and identify elder abuse and neglect.

Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center CALL 1-844-880-1574
Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center Answered 24/7 CALL 1-844-880-1574

By filing a Nursing Home Abuse complaint about suspected neglect or abuse a trained investigator is assigned to review the issue and the facility to protect the safety of the residents by identifying areas of care not in compliance with the minimum state and federal standards.  The MDH site is also very useful for the investigation of past incidents of neglect at a facility.

For assistance with filing a complaint with the state concerning abuse or neglect on the behalf of your family member or yourself, WITHOUT CHARGE, please call or email us to schedule an appointment with an attorney. Ken LaBore can be reached directly at 612-743-9048 or by email at

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