Common Types of Preventable Nursing Home Injuries

Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore represents clients with clients who suffer a wide range of  nurisng home injuries from a variety of health care facilities, medical professionals and other sources. Here are some areas of the firm’s practice and information concerning some common other nursing home injuries:

Nursing Home Injuries Are Usually Preventable With Proper Care and Supervision of Residents
Nursing Home Injuries Are Usually Preventable With Proper Care and Supervision of Residents

Nursing Home Medication Errors

Medication Errors

Medication Overdose

Medication Given to Wrong Patient

Unnecessary Drugs

Medication Guides

Urinary Tract Infections – UTIs

Urinary Tract Infections

Catheter Use

Additional Information About Urinary Infections

Elder Abuse Injuries – Aspiration / Tube Care

Choking and Aspiration

Clogged Breathing Tube

Choking Due to Inappropriate Diet

Aspirational Pneumonia

Tracheotomy Tube Care

Injuries – Resident Physical and Sexual Abuse

Physical Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

Verbal Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

Sexual Abuse of Nursing Home Residents

Financial Abuse of Seniors and Vulnerable Adults

Injuries Due to Falls

Fall Injuries

Fractures from Falls

Death Due to Fractures as a Result of Pneumonia / Respiratory Failure

Subdural Hematoma and Traumatic Brain Injury

Safety Equipment to Prevent Fracture Risk

Additional Information About Fall Injuries

Nursing Home Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Scalding / Hot Water Burns

Oxygen Burns

Burn Timing

Medical Equipment Failure

Hospital Type Beds

Bed Rails

Hoyer Type Lifts (Patient Lifts)


Medical Monitoring

Call Lights

Wander Guards / Alarms

Injuries From Pressure Wounds – Bedsores

Pressure Sores

Stages of Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Sores from Failure to Ensure Resident Hygiene

Pressure Sores from Failure to Reposition Residents

Pressure Sore / Pressure Ulcer Resources

Injuries Leading to Death

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Jury Instructions

Pecuniary Loss

Punitive Damages

Wrongful Death

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