Facilities Must Prevent Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse is Preventable
Physical Abuse is Preventable

Unfortunately, physical abuse of residents from other residents and staff is real. Of all forms of elder abuse, hitting, beating, slapping, pulling hair, pushing down, etc. are all extremely preventable with proper care in hiring and supervision of staff and monitoring residents at risk of harming others.

Elder Abuse is a Crime

Minnesota vulnerable adults as follows: A vulnerable adult can be anyone over age 18 who: has a physical, mental or emotional disorder that makes it difficult for the person to care for themselves without help and to protect themselves from maltreatment. Is in a hospital, nursing home, transitional care unit, assisted living, housing with services, board and care, foster care or other licensed care facility. Receives services such as home care, day services, personal care assistance or other licensed services.

Abuse is also defined in Minn. Stat. 626.5772, as conduct which is not an accident or therapeutic conduct as defined in this section, which produces or could reasonably be expected to produce physical pain or injury or emotional distress including, but not limited to, the following: (1) hitting, slapping, kicking, pinching, biting, or corporal punishment of a vulnerable adult.

Report suspected abuse to vulnerable adults for abuse neglect or financial exploitation at 1-844-880-1574.

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Physical Abuse of Residents