Fractures from Falls Include Pelvic, Hip and Femur Fractures, Hand and Arm Injuries and Others
Fractures from Falls Include Pelvic, Hip and Femur Fractures, Hand and Arm Injuries and Others

Fractures from Falls in Elder Care Facilities

One of the most preventable forms to nursing home residents are fractures from falls.  According to the CDC Tips in Preventing Falls Among Seniors – falls account for 87 percent of all fractures for people 65 years and older, and they are the second leading cause of spinal cord and brain injury among older adults. There are many ways to reduce fractures from falls.  First you can assess the resident needs and risks and take necessary steps to ensure the resident is receiving the necessary care and supervision to keep them safe from accidents.  Nursing homes and other elder care facilities need to take reasonable measures to avoid falls and the injuries that occur as a result.    It is essential that nursing homes have well trained qualified and competent staff to assess and care for the residents.  Often times delays in answering call lights lead to the resident attempting to assist themselves when they are unable and they end of falling from bed or from the toilet.

Fractures from Falls – Information

I have  videos with information related to reducing falls in nursing home which provides additional information on regulations which are designed to reduce the risk of fractures from falls in nursing homes.  In addition to fractures another common and very serious injury often suffered from falls is a head injury with resulting subdural hematoma or traumatic brain injury.   Here is some additional resources for information pertaining to preventable falls and the resulting injuries in nursing homes.

Fractures from Falls – Consult Kenneth LaBore

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Fractures from Falls